Boost for charity after Bronte’s hair-raising feat

Bronte Barbour.  INCT 28-748-CON
Bronte Barbour. INCT 28-748-CON

A Whitehead schoolgirl has helped raise hundreds of pounds for charity through the donation of her long blonde locks.

Bronte Barbour had her hair cut last week in aid of the Rapunzel Foundation, an organisation which helps people who have experienced hair loss.

As well as generating much-needed funds for the charity through sponsorship, the six-year-old’s hair will also go towards the manufacture of a natural hair wig.

The Whitehead Primary School pupil was inspired to donate her tresses to the charity thanks to of a friend of her mother, Alice.

“Bronte was inspired to get her hair cut by a good friend of ours who was raising money for the Rapunzel Foundation by getting her hair shaved completely off,” Alice explained.

“I was asking about the charity and she said that although she had raised a lot of money, what Rapunzel really needed was hair, and that is how the idea came about.”

The Rapunzel Foundation, which is based in County Wexford, helps those coping with hair loss due to conditions such as alopecia.

The charity provides support through information, sharing stories and through the collection of pony tails for the manufacture of natural hair wigs.

It takes 20 to 25 of the donated ponytails to make just one wig.

“The Foundation is creating an awareness of alopecia, a condition which can often have a social stigma attached to it due to a lack of understanding and information,” the Rapunzel Foundation’s website notes.

“Collecting ponytails from donors helps to address the current global wig-hair shortage issue and allows us to alleviate the cost of wig purchase for those who need help most.”

Donors are required to grow their locks to a minimum length in order to donate a ponytail to the charity, with a requirement that the hair in question be chemically untreated and preferably all of one length.

“Bronte’s hair was already long but she still had to grow it a little bit longer to reach the required length of 14 inches. Her ponytail was 15 inches long in the end,” Alice said.

Bronte’s radical restyle was carried out last week at Haze No. 10 salon in Larne, with the young Whitehead girl now proudly sporting a shorter blonde bob.

Alice added: “She was a little nervous on Wednesday morning and was a little bit shy showing off her new hair cut but is now enjoying all the positive comments and is really proud of what she has done and the money she has raised.

“I am a very proud Mummy and hope that Bronte’s hair helps a little way to making another little girl’s life a little bit easier.

The hair-raising feat has already raised over £300 for the charity, with an overall target of £500.

You can donate to the Rapunzel Foundation by searching for Bronte at