Additional £0.25m for local peace projects

Carrickfergus is to benefit from almost £0.25m of European Union peace funding.

Newtownabbey Borough Council, lead authority in the CAN (Carrickfergus, Antrim and Newtownabbey) PEACE III Partnership, has received confirmation that Phase II of the programme has been extended.

A total of £241,821 has been awarded for initiatives including a ‘Peer Youth Leadership’ programme that will deliver accredited training and experience in youth work to 12 young people from across the cluster area. The funding will enable a ‘Play Leader Training’ course to be provided to develop the skills of community workers to facilitate play in their local settings.

Other activities will include a ‘Leading by Example’ programme that will provide mentoring support to groups to enhance their peace building activity, and a ‘Twelve Weeks in 1690’ project that will result in a resource pack and workshop programme using the backdrop of the Williamite/Jacobite campaign to examine key issues today such as symbols, leadership and language.

The funding will enable the programme to continue until the end of September. Further details at