A2 scheme ‘on schedule’ - DRD

A £12.73 million investment in roads infrastructure in the Carrick area has been detailed by Transport Minister Danny Kennedy.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s meeting between the Department of Regional Development and council, Mr Kennedy said: “DRD is using its available resources highly effectively and continues to deliver quality public services in the Carrickfergus area and across Northern Ireland.”

Commenting on the scheme to dual 3.5kilometres of the A2 Shore Road between Jordanstown Road and Seapark, the Minister continued: “Work which began on site in March 2013 is now halfway through the very tight 120-week programme and is on schedule for completion in the summer of 2015.

“Construction of the north bound carriageway is well established with accommodation works in most properties at an advanced stage while work on the off-line section between Station Road and Seapark is also progressing well, with the construction of the accommodation bridge well underway. Total expenditure on the scheme during the 2013/14 financial year in the Carrickfergus Council area was approximately £10million.”

Highlighting resurfacing schemes, the Minister added: “Road users in the Carrickfergus area have quickly realised the benefits of the investment by the department with the completion of significant lengths of carriageway resurfacing at a total cost of £1.28million, which included B58 Carrickfergus Road, B58 New Line, B58 Prospect Road and U3118 Sunnylands Avenue. Over 1.5kilometres of footway was also resurfaced at a cost of £100,000.”