£28k repair bill for harbour toilets roof

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A programme of repairs to the roof of the harbour car park toilets in Carrick will cost just over £28,000.

Members of Carrickfergus Borough Council were appraised of the figure as part of a report during a meeting of the Estates Management Sub-Committee at the end of June.

The report also detailed recommendations for future public toilet provision within the borough.

Advising that the work would be sequenced, director of Environmental Services Alan Barkley recommended that council officers liaise with the council’s Chief Executive, Sheila McClelland, to ascertain how the work could be funded.

Mr Barkley pointed out that the repair was a heath and safety issue due to falling plaster from the internal ceiling.

Speaking to the Times this week, Mr Barkley added: “The repair bill for the entire programme of works will come to £28,244, but we will be looking at ways we can do the most urgent parts first, such as making the roof watertight.

“At some point there has been a leak and falling plaster inside is a problem.

“I think it is just wear and tear but we will also be looking at measures to prevent people climbing up on top of the toilet building.

“There’s no start date for the work yet but we’ll have to take into account lots of different things like tiling and plastering as well as people’s time.”

Meanwhile, Alderman May Beattie took the opportunity to praise the staff at the facility for their hard work over the years.