Looking back... Fury after residents foot the bill for repairs to mains

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Carrick Alliance councillor Ald Sean Neeson was demanding an investigation by the Department of the Environment after local residents were charged for repairs in May 1986.

The householders in the Prospect Park area were billed for repairs to burst water mains.

Mr Neeson said he would be writing to Environment Minister Mr Richard Needham asking him to intervene in the issue.

“There is a major problem in this area because these water pipes have burst frequently over recent years. What is needed is a major overhaul of the system. Residents should not be made liable for the repairs,” said Mr Neeson, who added he’d be calling for a full investigation into the events.

A DOE spokesman said: “I understand the supply pipe system serving the Prospect development has never been adopted by the Water Service. The Department is responsible for the trunk mains, but the supply pipes into each person’s home is the responsibility of the owner, or the Housing Executive in cases where the householder is an Executive tenant. The Water Service have requested payment from the appropriate source.”